Advanced Certificate Course In Hair Transplant

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Arvind Poswal

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Why this course?


Course Curriculum

Pre course sample for view (Trailer) (13:00)
Pre course introduction video - Dr. Poswal (3:00)
Basic Level
Video - Embryology
Video - Hair: Anatomy
Video - Physiology
Video - Histology
Video - Causes of hairloss
Video - Pathophysiology of Androgenic alopecia
Video - History of hair transplant
Video - Classification of Androgenic Alopecia
Video - Hairline designing
Practical training - hairline designing
Video - Hairline Slit Making
Video - Hairline graft placement
Case Discussion (Young hairline)
Case Discussion (Jenny) (3:00)
Case Discussion (patient Argentine)
Case Discussion (Quentin) (2:00)
1st Level
Video - Hair growth cycles
Hair transplant – definition, general information
Principle of donor dominance
Video - Preshaving protocol
Video - Disintegration of synchronicity
Video - Expanding Needle Concept
Video - Grafts placement in temple
Practical training - swirl designing
Curly African hair transplant (4:00)
Case Discussion (Famous theater artist) Actor
Case Discussion (Viki) (3:00)
Case Discussion (patient A27)
2nd Level
FUHT vs FUSE (7:00)
Video - strip/FUHT(FUT)
Psoriasis & Hair Transplant
Diabetes & Hair Transplant
Video - Post Operative precautions
Video - Local anesthesia
Video - Tumescent anesthesia
Video - Complications
Video - Hybrid & combination hair transplants
Video - Scoring around & Extraction from lower scalp donor area
Video - Graft placement in hairline
Video - Scoring around & Extraction from the beard area
Video - Checking donor area after extraction
Video - Traction alopecia
Hair Transplant Consultation (6:00)
Hair transplant photography (5:00)
Practical training - slit making
Case Discussion (Akash) (2:00)
Case Discussion (A106)
Case Discussion (Patient Anita)
3rd Level
Grafts estimation
Video - Beard anesthesia
Video - Chest anesthesia
Video - Scalp anesthesia
Video - Slit making (1) (12:00)
Video - Slit making (2)
Scoring around the grafts & extraction (1)
Scoring around beard grafts & extraction (2)
Scoring around beard grafts (3)
Video - Beard graft extraction (3)
Scoring around the grafts and extraction (4)
Scoring around the grafts & extraction (5)
Scoring around the grafts & extraction (6) (3:00)
Scoring around the grafts & extraction (7) (4:00)
Graft placement
Trichophytic closure (2:00)
Scalp stretching exercises
Blood tests and medical information (2:00)
Hair growth timeline (3:00)
Shockloss explained (4:00)
Practical training - graft extraction
Case Discussion (A227) (3:00)
Case Discussion (A156) (3:00)
Hair Transplant in hydrocephalus – result & observations
Hair transplant post Cleft palate surgery (13:00)
Hair Transplant Reversal (9:00)
Beard Graft Extraction (N)
Revision/miscellaneous topics
Anagen effluvium and telogen effluvium

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