Certificate Course In Hair Transplant (Free)

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Arvind Poswal

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Why this course?


Online hair transplant training for those who wish to learn how to perform hair transplant procedures. If you are a medical doctor and wish to learn more about this hugely rewarding opportunity in hair transplantation, this introductory video is for you.  Although this hair transplant training program is tailored made for medical professionals, you don't need to be a medical doctor in order to enroll. The training course is open to everyone who is interested in learning how to perform hair transplant procedures.

Course Curriculum

Pre course sample for view (Trailer) (13:00)
Pre course introduction video - Dr. Poswal (3:00)
Basic Level
Embryology (4:00)
Hair: Anatomy (12:00)
Physiology (12:00)
Histology (2:00)
Causes of hairloss
Pathophysiology of Androgenic alopecia (4:00)
History of hair transplant (56:00)
Classification of Androgenic Alopecia (7:00)
Hairline designing
Practical training - hairline designing
Making recipient slits (3:00)
Graft placement in hairline and temple (2:00)
Case Discussion (Young hairline) (3:00)
Case Discussion (Jenny) (3:00)
Video - Case Discussion patient Argentine (4:00)
Case Discussion (Quentin) (2:00)
1st Level
Hair growth cycles (13:00)
Hair transplant – definition, general information
Principle of donor dominance
Preshaving protocol (8:00)
Disintegration of synchronicity (9:00)
Expanding Needle Concept (6:00)
Graft placement (6:00)
Practical training - swirl designing
Curly African hair transplant (4:00)
Case Discussion (Famous theater artist) Actor
Case Discussion (Viki) (3:00)
Case Discussion (patient A27)
MVI_2539_x264 (sujeet)
2nd level
strip/FUHT vs FUSE/fue
FUHT(FUT) strip procedure (6:00)
Psoriasis & Hair Transplant
Diabetes & Hair Transplant
Post Operative precautions (6:00)
Local anesthesia
Tumescent anesthesia (2:00)
Complications (2:00)
Hybrid & combination hair transplants (4:00)
Scoring around & Extraction from lower scalp donor area
Graft placement in hairline (7:00)
Scoring around & Extraction from the beard area (4:00)
Checking donor area after extraction (3:00)
Traction alopecia (2:00)
Hair Transplant Consultation (6:00)
Hair transplant photography (5:00)
Practical training - slit making
Case Discussion (Akash) (2:00)
Case Discussion (A106)
Video- Case Discussion (Patient Anita)
3rd Level
Grafts estimation
Video - Beard anesthesia
Video - Chest anesthesia
Video - Scalp anesthesia
Video - Slit making (1) (12:00)
Video - Slit making (2)
Scoring around the grafts & extraction (1)
Scoring around beard grafts & extraction (2)
Scoring around beard grafts (3)
Video - Beard graft extraction (3)
Scoring around the grafts and extraction (4)
Scoring around the grafts & extraction (5) (2:00)
Scoring around the grafts & extraction (6) (3:00)
Scoring around the grafts & extraction (7) (4:00)
Graft placement
Trichophytic closure (2:00)
Scalp stretching exercises
Blood tests and medical information (2:00)
Hair growth timeline (3:00)
Shockloss explained (4:00)
Practical training - graft extraction
Case Discussion (A227) (3:00)
Case Discussion (A156) (3:00)
Hair Transplant in hydrocephalus – result & observations (2:00)
Hair transplant post Cleft palate surgery (13:00)
Revision/miscellaneous topics
Anagen effluvium and telogen effluvium
Dr. A's Lectures/TV and Media
Myths in hair transplant (23:00)
Types of HAIR TRANSPLANT Methods - FUE/FUSE v/s FUT/FUHT (4:00)
Why Hairloss At Young Age...? (3:00)
Know About Hair Transplant In Simple Words...? (7:00)
Is hair transplant successful (11:00)
The Hidden toxins that cause hairloss (7:00)
Dr. Arvind Poswal hair care series (English version) (8:00)
Video on Course completion

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